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Summer Camp - Elementary School Age

We've got 10 weeks of Summer Camp acting class fun!

Students enrolling in the Complete Summer Program (7 or more out of the 11 weeks of Summer) can do ALL of them!  Or you can only chose one or a few!  (a la carte!)

Hooray for Hollywood

Week 1:  June 9 -13

Can you hear Hollywood calling you?  Come join our Hollywood Celebration and get ready to shine brighter.  See your star on the walk of Fame! Walk the red carpet and wave to the paparazzi as your adoring fans clamor for your autograph! Pretend to be the famous star you always knew you could! Movies Stars, Divas, Singers and Rock Stars will share the stage! Give your acceptance speech at the Awards and don’t forget to thank the “little people” (aka Mom and Dad)!

Calling all Super Heroes

Week 2:  June 16 - June 20

Come unleash your inner super hero and be supernatural with us!  It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s YOU! Become your favorite Super Hero or create a brand new one! Soar through the air like Superman! Have giant strength like the Hulk! Fly an invisible plane like Wonder Woman! Swing on your webs like Spiderman! Come up with your own super powers! Beat the bad guys and save the day!

Virtual Video Game Camp

Week 3:  June 23-27

Don’t just play Angry Birds, come BE the Angry Bird! Act out all your favorites! Mario, Sonic, Steve (of Minecraft fame), Kirby! Let’s Crush real Candy! Run a course for Temple Run! Eat the ghosts in Pac Man - Oh, sorry, I’m showing my age – but you get the idea! Let’s turn the virtual world into our world!!!

Happy Independence Day - No Camp This Week!

Week 4:  June 30-July 4

For the first time, Acting Up will be taking a week off this Summer to give all the great staff a much needed rest!  Have a great time this week and stay safe!

Keep Acting Up!

Super Sneaky Spy Camp

Week 5:  July 7- 11

This is no regular Spy camp - this is SUPER SNEAKY SPY CAMP!  Shhhhh! We have to be sneaky! We’re spies! Look for clues to the mystery! Just like Scooby Doo and Spy Kids! Get in disguise and interrogate suspects! Get your own cool things like a Spy ID Badge. Make pretend gadgets like I-Spy’s shoe phone or Juni’s bug! Let’s tiptoe into the bad guy’s lair like James Bond and save innocent bystanders from their diabolical schemes!

Pretty Princess and Prickly Pirates

Week 6:  July 14 - 18

Visit a world where there are only pretty princesses and prickley pirates! It’s dress up time! Choose your adornment! Become a beautiful princess with a gorgeous gown and long, flowing hair, or a rambunctious, swashbuckling pirate with a hook for a hand! We will create great stories and act them out! Maybe the Pirates will attack the Princesses? Or will the Princesses attack the Pirates? Hmmm… 

Zombie Camp

Week 7:  July 21 - 25

Are your ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?  We are!  We all know that Zombies aren’t real, but let’s have fun pretending to BE them! We will create a whole Zombie world and make fun stories and videos! Maybe even learn the “Thriller” dance! But I promise we won’t eat any brains!

Little Rascals Actors Camp

Week 8:  July 28 - Aug 1

Once upon a time there was a little rascal . . .  Alfalfa, Darla, Spanky and Buckwheat did some crazy, fun things in their day! Let’s re-create some of that fun and make some of our own films! We will watch some of the old flicks and then adapt them for today! We will have tons of fun with “Our Gang”!

Interstellar Space Camp

Week 9:  August 4 - 8

In a galaxy far away . . .  Get into your spaceship and head for the stars! Star Wars! The Jetsons! Star Trek! The Power Rangers! Ben Ten! Even Planet Sheen! We will explore the Galaxy and beyond with all fun things that are a little “spacey”! Walk on the moon! Meet aliens from distant planets! BE aliens from distant planets! The Universe is ours to explore!

The Minecraft Experience

Week 10:  August 11 - 15

We've got your pick ax and diamond sword - so what are you waiting for - come join our world!  Bring your laptop or device with the most current version of Minecraft loaded onto it. You will be assigned to a team and given challenges within the game, as well as outside it! We will make our own Diamond Swords and Steve heads! We will act out scenes (Become a Creeper and sneak up on Steve then explode)! And we will actually PLAY the game! This is NOT an experience to be missed!

Summer Beach Camp

Week 11:  August 18 - 22

Just add you and we've got a party!  It’s the last hurrah before school starts! Let’s make it count! Come experience the beach without all the sand in your hair! We will play beach volleyball, make “sand castles”, and ride the waves all without leaving the room! We will have a beach party and do the limbo! Beach fun with no sunburn! Yay!

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