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Weekly Acting Classes, Princesses


Acting Up offers Acting Classes for students ages 2 - 102!  See class offerings to find a class just right for you!

At Acting Up we understand that there are two types of students: eager and reluctant.  The eager student is excited about the acting class and the possibilities that exist.  The reluctant student also has these feelings, however; the student is usually unsure of themselves and their abilities.


According to, 75% of adults have "Glossophobia", or the Fear of Public Speaking.  Our goal is to address that fear in children before they bring it to adulthood, and to help our adult students learn techniques to overcome it.  We want our students to achieve "Social Prescience", or the ability to posture themselves in any given situation from speaking on stage, to presenting a book report in class, to answering the judges confidently during a Science Fair.


If we can eliminate this fear in childhood, the world is their oyster as adults.  At the same time, if we get a student who LOVES the limelight, we will teach them to share it. We will also encourage those abilities to shine, which in turn encourages the more reserved students to "step up" and shine as well!


We accomplish our goals in our young actors Acting Classes, through the use of Creative Drama and Improvisation.  Where Acting makes the entertainment of an audience the main focus, Creative Drama instead concentrates on the success of the student.  We "play games" designed to relax the student and entice participation.  When we finally do perform, the shy student realizes that it was fun, and quickly wants to do it again!  The gregarious student is more relaxed and focused, also giving positive results and more confident students.


While our adult classes may utilize some of these techniques, the focus becomes more on characterization and presentation skills.  Sometimes "becoming" another character can help make the actor feel more in control.

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