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***Special Note for Home School Families!  - If you would like us to come to your group and offer classes at your location, please contact us to schedule times and availability.

Our goal is to help every student achieve "Social​ Presence"; the confidence to speak confidently in any situation.  We achieve our goals through the use of Creative Drama and Acting Classes.  We include Theatre games, Improvisation, Storytelling, Pantomime, Diction, Vocal Projection, Characterization and more.  Most Importantly, we have FUN doing it!

In the current list of the 10 most frightening things in the world, death ranks #6, while fear of speaking in front of others ranks #1.


Our goal is to attack this problem so that it is NEVER a challenge for our students!


We see two type of young people at Acting Up: those who seem to be a little more reserved (shy), and those who unabashedly take life head on, but forget to watch out for others!  We aim to bring both a little closer to the middle! ;-)


We use Creative Drama, Improvisation, and Theatre Games to help kids relax and begin to "perform" in front of each other.  We teach them to take turns, give each other respect (audience etiquette), and to appreciate each other (applause).  As they gain experience, we add in acting techniques such as facing the audience at all time, projecting their voices and speaking clearly.


Each acting class culminates in performances for family and friends and are meant to encourage the students.


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