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Adult Acting Classes at Acting Up

Adult Acting Classes


This course is for Actors at all levels.  We will take you wherever you are in your craft and help you hone and excel your skills to the next level.

We will be working on Characterization, and how to "become" someone else.


Cost: $140 per month which includes a Performance day for family and friends!

Payment plans available.  


Total fee is due regardless of attendance.  If a student is absent, every effort will be made to help them "catch up" so they do not fall behind.  Classes will build on information learned in the class previous.

Come prepared to work, laugh, have fun, and work some more.


This class is for the Beginner

(I have never acted but want to give it a go!),

the Intermediate

(I have done some acting, but I am rusty and want to brush up on it and learn more),

and the Experienced

(I frequently act, but always want to learn more and stay sharp!)

We will take each student at his/her own level!


All classes culminate in a performance for friends/family at the end.



Call 210-268-8797 now to make your reservation and ensure your spot for this fun class!

Acting Up's Adult Acting Classes are designed to take you to the next level....whatever that may be.​

The Actor in you wants to grow and blossom.  It has been said, what you are is God's gift to you; what you become is your gift to God.  Our Acting Class is designed to help you succeed.


We will take the actor in you at any level, be it beginner (I think I might like to act.  I'd love to try it! ), to the novice  (I used to act in High School and I really enjoyed it, but I have not done anything since.), to the more seasoned (I am an actor, but I would like to learn better technique so I can get cast more often.), to the veteran (I have been acting for years, but I still need to stay sharp and hone my skills.).


Our goal is to educate you about the business and techniques of acting, and also focus on what you bring to the stage or camera, and how to bring you to the next level.  Do you want to do commercials? flim? stage? improv?


Teens who are serious about acting may also be considered for this class.

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